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Construction Resumes: Resume Tips From an Industry Expert and Career Professional Resume Writer

Construction Resumes: Resume Tips from an Industry Expert

A Professional Resume is your best chance at success for any market. With the way the construction industry is today, there is a major influx of highly qualified individuals all vying for the same few positions. How can you compete? EASY – You need a great resume. As a Nationally Certified Resume Writer with extensive experience in Construction, I can assure you that this is no easy feat.

Don’t be fooled by a Catchy name: There are many professional resume services out there that try to fool you into believing they have the requisite experience, when they do not have any construction resume experience at all. Do your research. Selecting the wrong resume service is equivalent to ordering a bad dinner – You can’t return it, and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I recommend researching the individual writers listed on the web page to ensure that you can research about the writer, learn about his or her credentials, and feel confident in your selection.

Pricing: Do you really want to trust your resume to a company that only charges you $59 or $79 for a resume. Look, I understand that when times are tough, you do not want to start spending money on needless items, but a resume is important. It is the MAIN weapon in you career search arsenal. Also, PLEASE!@!! Do NOT be fooled by an service that GUARANTEES they can get you a job – because they can not guarantee you any such thing. For these scam services, be SURE to read the fine print because the hurdles you have to jump through to try to get your refund is ridiculous.

Use Certified Writers: Yes, it will cost you more money (A resume and cover letter should cost around $250 – $500 dollars). BUT, this is all inclusive. It should include you being assigned to a Certified Professional Resume Writer (preferably with the PARW), provide you unlimited revisions for 30-60 days, counseling with the writer, and career guidance. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT THE RESUME is prepared by a CERTIFIED WRITER. I know for a fact that several of these major companies advertise that their staff graduated from top Universities – so what? If they are not certified resume writers, they are not worth the price.

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